Powerful Tips for Winning Mix Parlay Over Under

Powerful Tips for Winning Mix Parlay Over Under

One game that promises an easy and big win is to play mix parlay over under. Previously, of course, you have also read tips to win in pragmatic casino. There has been discussed how to win soccer gambling in over-under games. Well here we will provide powerful tricks and tips so you can play Mixparlay matches specifically for the Over Under game.

Of course you should already know what the game is over under. So what about the Mix Parlay game? Mix parlay is a type of soccer gambling game by combining at least 3 parties that you guess can be Handicap Match, Over Under, Odd Even or correct score correctly. How is it different from regular games?

In the Mix Parlay Game if you guess correctly all a number of matches you will get a large multiplication of odds. The size of the multiplication depends also on the number of parties you choose. The more football parties you choose and if all of them are correct, even the multiplication can reach tens of times or even hundreds. With a capital, for example, only 100,000, you can even get millions in the mix parlay game. Even if you lose, it’s only 100 thousand. Tempting isn’t it?

For example below:

In the picture above you can see, there are 7 soccer match parties selected. By only playing 100 thousand, if the predictions above are all correct. Then what you will get is the multiplication of @100.452

This means that if you win all of them, you will get 10,045,200 including capital. You get a win of 9,945,200. Wow isn’t it? Only with a small capital you can get a 100x win with just 7 parties.

You need high accuracy and analysis so that you can get a win in this mixparlay game. This is because if you lose 1 match then you will automatically fail or lose. Although there is a calculation of losing half or winning half. But of course the magnitude of the multiplication will be different. So below, we will provide powerful tips so you can win in the Mix Parlay Over Under game:

Over Under Tips

Make sure you also know the powerful tips on how to play Over under so you can win in the single match that we have shared before this post. By applying everything that has been given, you are sure that you will easily guess at least 3 matches.

Football Insurance

What is Football Insurance? Just like insurance in real life. Insurance in the ball can be interpreted is that you keep your winnings so that whatever the results you still win. As in the mix parlay example above, if you have won 6 parties in full. So be prepared to make insurance. For example: the last match was Arab vs Ismaily. By calculation, if the result of the match is over then you will win 10 million, right? However, if you lose, you will get 0.

It’s a shame not if only one of the last 10 million games in sight floats. Now you can play Insurance by holding Under 2 for 1 – 5 million. For example, you bet 1 million for under. Why ? Regardless of the outcome of the match, you will win.

For example, the result of the match is over then you will get 10 million – 1 million (insurance): you get a win of 9 million

For example, the result of the match is under, then your insurance is successful and you still win. 1 million – 100 thousand: 900 thousand. Understood ?

Therefore, even if you play mix parlay, you also have to see and observe the results of the matches you play. The method above, only applies to the last match. Don’t insure every party, it’s not the profits you get, you might even get a big loss.

Normal Market

A lot of experience or a lot of defeats obtained from mix parlays are players playing because they see large multiplications so that what they should win instead turn out to be a loser Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to play with normal markets. The normal market is the market that is located at the top position in the market exchange. Do not see that the multiplication is only 1.70 or only 1.80. By increasing 1/4 or 1/2 then the multiplication will be 2. However, with an increase of 1/4 or 1/2 then the result of the match will be calculated differently