Kinds of Basketball Sports Betting

Kinds of Basketball Sports Betting

You can find out the types of Basketball Sports Betting on the Sportbook with the information we provide briefly in this article.

Basketball remains one of the most popular sports for anyone who likes to bet on the game. Its popularity spanned the ranks of the college through March frenzy to the professional level in the NBA featuring the top players in the world.

The main way most sports bettors bet on the game of basketball is to use a set point spread similar to soccer.

Kinds of Basketball Sports Betting on Sportbook

Betting on Basketball Point Spreads

Betting on Basketball Point Spreads

The main betting line set for any basketball game is the point spread. It has to do with how many points one team is leading against the other.

The home court can have a huge influence on the actual spread given the boost of momentum that hometown spectators can provide in a crowded arena setting.

This makes it important to properly study each team’s betting trends (both straight-up and cover to spread) for their home and away records as this can have a huge impact on the actual outcome of a particular match.

Another big factor in determining the spread is the overall health of each team. Because most basketball player rosters are trimmed down to a dozen or fewer players. Injuries can really reduce the depth of a team.

Injuries to star players can affect the spread of bets by as much as two to three points so it is always important to consult an accurate injury report before betting on a game.

Betting on Basketball Total Lines

Just like in most sports, the total line is set based on the anticipated combined total score of the two teams in the fight.

Players not only need to learn the team’s ability to place points on the board, Players also need to know the defensive style it plays. Some basketball coaches at any level like to play a “run and shoot” style of ball that is simply trying to outperform the opposing team.

Other Maxbet coaches like to slow down the pace of play and focus on only taking a high percentage of shots when attacking. While forcing the other team to make bad shots under heavy pressure on the defence.

Along with the impact an injury can have on the point spread of a basketball game. They can really have an impact on the total line if it involves top scorers or key players in defence.

Another thing to keep in mind with basketball totals is that there are far fewer moving parts than sports like football. In certain situations, it is more useful to study individual player tendencies than to study teams.

Betting on the Basketball Money Line

Betting on the Basketball Money Line

Money lines in basketball are outright bets on either the favorite or the underdog. Using a starting point of 100, the money line for the favorite tells the Player how much the Player must risk to win that amount.

The money line for the underdog tells the Player how much the Player can win for the same $100 bet. A good strategy for betting a basketball money line is to look for odds. Where the Player believes that the underdog team has a great chance of winning outright.


Perhaps this is a fight where the opposing team is the better all-round ball club and the only reason they are underdogs is the home field advantage to the other team. The underdogs at home are also a good starting point for money line bets as long as they match the favourites.